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The Best Professional Hair Weaving Salon and Hair Weaving Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Chatto professional hair weaving salon in Chicago offers exceptional award-winning hair weave services in an eco-friendly environment. Our eco-friendly salon located at Gold Coast, Chicago, Illinois offers hairstyles that will be as unique as your personality, and cater to your lifestyle. All weave services at our salon are done using the sewing method, Netting, Croćhe, and Lace Front Method.

A consultation is given before each weave service where we not only discuss your lifestyle, your hair needs, as well as how you care for your hair but also examine your hair and scalp to see if hair weave would be recommended. Through the consultation we can determine what length, volume, and how many layers would be desirable.

We provide hair weave services for all hair types and textures, so come in today and allow us to give you the hair you always wanted. We are pleased to introduce you to our Hair Weave Services.

Hair Weaving Salon & Hair Weaving Center Chicago IL


Chatto Center for Natural Hair & Skin: Eco-Friendly Salon Chicago IL


Chatto : Professional Hair Weaving Salon Chicago, Illinois:

At Chatto’s professional hair weaving salon, Chicago, Illinois, we offer top quality hair weave services for all hair types and textures like for straight and curly hair, black hair, hair weaves for black women. Our professional hair weaving salon is rated as one of the best professional hair weaving salons in Chicago & Hair weaving center Chicago, IL, for straight & curly hair weave, black hair weave & hair weaving for all hair types

Chatto’s: Leading Chicago Professional Hair Weaving Center for Straight, Curly, Hair Chicago, Illinois:

Chatto Chicago professional hair weaving center for straight, curly hair in Chicago Illinois, providing black hair weave, hair weaving for all hair types, specializing hair weaves for black women & african american hair weaving.

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