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The Best Scalp Analysis Treatment Services for Damaged Hair, Dry Hair, and Natural Hair in Chicago, IL

At Chatto Eco-Friendly Salon, our specialized hair analysis can help you decide what specific hair + scalp treatments are appropriate for your hair type. Our in depth analysis will examine the scalp, the hair follicles, and the hair itself to determine how to properly nurture your Hair Loss, Damaged Hair, Thinning Hair, or Scalp Problems. Our salon can meet each client’s hair need, regardless of their hair type or texture. Choose one of our specialized hair analyses to help you decide exactly what treatments are appropriate for your needs.

Natural Hair & Scalp Treatments

Ultrasonic Micro-Mist Natural Hair Treatment: for Damaged, Dry, Curly, Multicultural, & Natural Hair
A nourishing and strengthening treatment for damaged hair as well as Dry, Curly, Tight, Natural that penetrates deep into the core of the hair stem to reinforce damaged shafts restoring vitality back into hair. Hair will look and feel healthier and more vibrant.

Dry Hair Micro-Mist Treatment
This hydrating and moisturizing treatment recommended for very dry, coarse hair cleanses the scalp, brings nourishment to the root, and restores balance to dry brittle hair. Immediate results include renewed body, shine, and brilliance.

Moisturizing Scalp Treatment
A deeply moisturizing and conditioning treatment that hydrates hair, supplies needed nutrients to the scalp, and stimulates the hair follicles leaving the hair feeling revitalized, rejuvenated, and vibrant.

Eczema Micro-Mist Scalp Treatment
This intensive and effective treatment at Chatto Eco-Friendly Salon cleanses the surface of the scalp, exfoliates the dead skin cells, and helps hair retain its original moisture to bring life back to the hair.

The condition of the scalp will be determined by many factors such as chemicals, diet, good health, hormone balance, sex, age, heredity factors, climatic and physical conditions.

The scalp needs to be well conditioned
• Keep scalp clean to promote healthy growth
• The scalp needs stimulation to create healthy hair
• Eliminate junk foods and drink lots of water

When dealing with hair, different hair textures shall be taken into consideration.

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Chatto : Scalp Treatment Salon Providing Damaged Hair, Dry Hair, Natural Hair, and Hair Loss Treatment Services Chicago, Illinois:

AtChatto Eco-Friendly Salon Chicago, Illinois,we offerbest scalp treatment services.That’s why we are rated as one of the best scalp treatment services salons in Chicago forDamaged Hair, Dry Hair, Natural Hair, and Hair Loss.

Chatto : Leading Chicago Scalp Treatment Services Salon, Gold Coast, Illinois:

Chatto: Leading Chicago scalp treatment salon, Gold Coast, Illinois, offers scalp treatment experiences like no other salon. We offer the best scalp treatment services in Chicago & local hair salons Chicago, IL,forDamaged Hair, Dry Hair, Natural Hair, and Hair Loss Treatment Services.


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