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Protein Treatments For Textured Hair

The importance of protein in your hair can never be overemphasized. After all, even hair is predominantly structured of protein (90 percent, mostly keratin). It naturally follows that protein deficiency or need to strengthen it can only be catered to by protein treatments. Chatto Eco-Friendly Salon is a black natural hair salon in Chicago that offers the ultimate protein treatments for natural hair. Let’s check out some must-know protein treatments information for the curly girl.

textured hairs

Why Protein Treatments?

The main function of protein is your hair is to strengthen it and help it grow. This is achieved through extending the growth phase by compensating for protein lost through the effects of heat and chemical processes. Topical protein treatments complement a balanced protein-rich diet to reverse the effects of thermal, chemical, and physical manipulation. We are a top black natural hair salon in Chicago and use our own range of high quality natural hair care products to help you eliminate harmful chemicals from your hair care regiment.

Identifying the best protein products

To enjoy the benefits of protein treatments, you must eliminate harmful products from your haircare regime. Learn to decode product labels to separate protein-rich options from the garden variety or even harmful ones. Being able to identify the best products ensures that your hair maintenance efforts actually work to strengthen, repair, rebuild, and reconstruct it. Product ingredients are listed in order of their percentages, with those that have the highest coming first. It is, therefore, important to be on the lookout for specific ingredients at the top of ingredients lists when deciding on the best product. Chatto Eco-Friendly Salon provides hair and skin free consultation in Chicago to help you identify the best protein-rich products for your hair type and needs.

Talk to Chatto

Protein-rich products are not made the same as there are different types of proteins. Come in to Chatto Eco-Friendly black natural hair salon in Chicago and an experienced stylist will determine the condition of your hair, the specific type of protein you need, as well as the intensity and frequency of treatments. Different approaches are required to different hair types and conditions such porosity, and whether or not it is chemically treated, heat compromised, and regularly manipulated. Call us today at 312 640 0003 to discuss your hair care requirements, buy Chatto Products or schedule hair and skin free consultation in Chicago.